You may have (or not) noticed that I’m not updating the blog so frequently. That’s mostly because of three reasons: reviews, time, and ideas.

The first one is clear for me: my reviews suck. I don’t know how to write a cool review, the result never stands out, even if I spend more time on it than I wanted to. So, writing anime or book reviews (or worse, episode reviews) is not good for me. There will be thousands of better options on the internet.

The second is a bit obvious: I didn’t have time. But also, I don’t know how much time I want to devote to the blog. I mean, instead of creating a blog post, I could be reading a few chapters of a manga, or watching an episode of a TV show. I like having a blog, but there’s no denying that sometimes we feel that it’s kind of useless. Taking into consideration that I like so many things and want to start playing music again, start playing go again, read more, do more brain puzzles, etc. seems that the obvious choice is just to abandon it. But for some reason I don’t want to.

The third reason is the focus. Not having a niche doesn’t help the blog at all. I don’t watch enough anime or TV shows, or read enough books to make this a more narrow niche blog. Posting about anime and then following up with a post about a non-fiction book is not good for retaining visitors.

I’m still not sure what’s going to happen in the near future. But considering that I want to read better stuff, learn new things and do some self improvement, probably this blog is going to feature more posts about non-fiction books, and some TV shows that are not so mainstream and dumb-fun.

And anyway I still like to recommend content, so instead of writing reviews I will just do some recommendations posts saying to whom do I recommend a material, and why I think they will going to like it or not. That’s better for me than writing a review.

Another possibility is that I may use this blog to write (duh). Ok, let me be clearer here: I have some interest in writing, and I think it would be cool to write some responses to writing prompts, like the ones shared on Reddit. Maybe I will start doing that.

And lastly, also post more for personal updates. Not only the Friday Reads and Weekly Updates, but more posts about my accomplishments, rants, and thoughts.