This weekend the weather got warmer and sunnier, so I went out with my wife, walked a lot, and of course, had some coffee.

Saturday we went to Krave Coffee and walked on St. Clair West. We also went to Dufferin Mall and had dinner there (Pizza Pizza).

The mocha was good, but just lukewarm, and they don’t call you by name or number, so that caused a misunderstanding when they put a cookie on the counter…

On Sunday, we had lunch at Feshii, and ice cream! Later we went to Cedarvale Park for a walk, and then had an Iced Cappuccino at Starbucks, because after walking that much my glucose levels were going down a bit.

It was good, but it was the second time I tried a cold beverage from them, and the second time it was kinda solid… Also, the same thing happened again: we almost didn’t get a place to it, because a lot of people were just on their phones and notebooks. There was even a lady KNITTING!! I mean… whyyyyy (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

No one understands my name (Thiago), so…

Iced Cappuccino as in literal ice?