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AniList For Anime Tracking: Follow Me There!

Anilist may not be so popular and well known as MyAnimeList (MAL), which every anime lover already knows about. MAL is THE site when it comes to find information about anime, manga and light novels. But since it went down for some days and returned lacking a lot of features, many users changed to AniList, Kitsu or some other option.

Browsing titles on
Browsing titles on

MyAnimeList (MAL) Competition

When MAL went down, instead of waiting for a long time hoping for it to come back, I’ve decided to change. First I tried, and it seemed very good, but I wasn’t able to check-in Boku No Hero Academia episodes, which is dumb considering it was one of the most watched anime of the season. A couple of weeks after I had reached them on Twitter about it, it still wasn’t resolved. Also, the website (and official app) focuses on its social aspects, which I really don’t need at all. After all I already have Twitter, this blog, and Reddit, so I don’t need MORE places to check.

Anilist forum page
Yes, they DO have a cool forum if you want to check!

My Experience with Anilist

Then I decided to go for Many years ago I’ve tried to migrate to it, but they were having some problems importing my anime list. And they weren’t showing which ones weren’t imported successfully. But now the importer worked perfectly.

So far, after using it since MyAnimeList went down, my experience has been great! Although we don’t have cool Android apps like PocketMAL, their web-app is good enough to mark new watched episodes. And in the end, I always use my computer to browse new upcoming anime to add to my list 🙂

What Anilist lacks

The only lacking feature that is still missing is a better way to browse and add seasonal anime to your list. There’s no easy integration with, but when I asked, they said that they were working on it already. I hope they have it ready before the Winter Season starts.

You can follow me there, my username is GeekAstronaut. Also, check my posts about Anime here on this blog!

Dragon Maid Tohru Thumbs Up
Tohru approves of you following me on Anilist

If you want to know more about Anilist, Irina from Drunken Anime Blog has a cool post about it!


  1. I’m glad you like it – I’ve been spying on everyone’s stats – it’s so fun!

  2. Followed! ^_^

    I swapped to AniList when MAL went down, and I’ve had a great time so far. The community’s friendly and I keep finding new shows to watch!

    I noticed you’re on the same episode of Yuru Camp as me. Enjoying the show? ^_^

    • Thank you!
      Yeah, the community there is great, although I don’t use the social aspect much.
      And so far I’m enjoying Yuru Camp. Nice to sit down and relax a bit. And you, are you liking it?

      • Yeah, Yuru Camp has been awesome! ^_^

        It’s the perfect anime for relaxing in the evening. I’ve been watching it with my brother, who normally watches anime like Madoka and Shinsekai Yori. I’ve brought him around to comfy shows 🙂

  3. I clicked on your profile and I really like the layout of the profile and site. It looks more friendly and interesting than plain, boring MAL. However I’m reluctant to join because it would take a long time to set up my profile and add the series I’ve watched and read.

    • Well, if you already use Mal you can just import everything. If not, start fresh and start tracking from now on, without worrying so much about the past

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