Many titles have just one season and leaves us wanting more. Here’s my top recent anime that I want a second season. To avoid repeating myself, I’ll just say that all titles here have very interesting characters, and I want to know more about them and see how their relationships go and how they develop and grow.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai / Interviews with Monster Girls (MAL)

A cool slice of life school drama about monster girls. The characters’ depictions are good and you grow fond of them as the story progresses. Also, the teacher is cool and care for the students for real, not being a tropey pervy teacher that gets excited being surrounded by high school monster girls. You can bing watch it and then read the manga!

Kobayashi-San chi no maid dragon / Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (MAL)

Another “monster girl” anime, although this one is about dragons only. Kobayashi is a software developer and that makes me relate more with her. I had SO MUCH FUN watching it, that I would binge watch a second season today if I had the chance. This one also has the manga available in English.

Gi(a)rlish Number (MAL)

It’s one of those ‘inside view of the industry’ titles, and it’s well done and engaging. I had a great time watching it, and it would be nice to see how the girls progress on their jobs as seyuus.

Flying Witch (MAL)

Great slice-of-life about magic and life in a small town. Relaxing and captivating, it has nice character designs, beautiful music and stunning visuals. Nothings special about the story per se, but it was so well done and relaxing that it left a great impression. And guess what? THE MANGA IS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH!

Oshiete Galko-Chan / Please Tell Me Galko-chan (MAL)

This short anime was a great surprise, and got me way more hooked than I thought it would. It had a more realistic representation of teenagers and their thoughts and questions about sex and growing up than other high school comedies. There’s no huge plot going on, but it was a very pleasant and fun ride. I didn’t knew, but the manga is also available in English.

Final notes

There’ll be a part 2 (and maybe 3) of this list, so stay tuned for more. And tell me in the comments which anime do you want a second season 😀