This week we had another GREAT episode of The Rising of The Shield Hero. Not for the faint of heart or those who can’t handle more anger towards everyone except Shield Bro and Raphtalia.

Why is this episode SO great? Because… Difficult to say without giving away spoilers, but important stuff happens, we get cool character development, more and more hatred towards the b*tch (you know who she is) and everyone else. Also, VERY COOL AND AWAITED FIGHT!

You mean, continue hating everyone? To be fair, the sword and bow heroes proved not to be such d*cks and not that blind.

Best moments?The goddamn fight, Raphtalia + Shield Bro relation.

Below, some extra information and discussion on Reddit.

Episode Title: Lullaby at Dawn

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sword dude wears black
sword dude wears black


This face is all I need.

This face is all I need.

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