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Fall Colors at Sherwood Park

Picture taken at Sherwood Park (Toronto) this Saturday
Picture taken at Sherwood Park (Toronto) this Saturday

Cool Weekend

This weekend was interesting. Friday after class me and my classmates went looking for winter clothes, unfortunately without success. But still we had lunch at a cool Japanese restaurant downtown.

Saturday late afternoon I went to Sherwood Park with my wife. When we arrived there was getting dark already. So, we didn’t walk too much there, considering it’s not well-lit and had a sign alerting for coyotes.

But anyway, it was good going out and waking around a bit. We did manage to take some cool photos, as you can see in this post.

View From New Apartment

Yesterday I moved to a new apartment, and this is the view from the balcony this morning!

Everyone have a nice week!

Today I went with my wife to Little Piggy, a Korean restaurant in Toronto’s Koreatown. There’s a bulgogi and a Heineken not shown in the picture.

Toronto Pride Parade 2018

Last Sunday was the Pride Parade 2018 in Toronto, and I went there with my wife. She actually participated in the IKEA group with a friend who works there, while I watched the parade. It was wonderful, and I’m very glad that the weather cleared up at the time it started.

I admit: A little tear went out here


The Library was also present!

After the parade, we me with a friend from college and a couple of her friends and had a coffee. (My wife had an Iced White Maccha Latte)

Going to Anime North

I’m going to Anime North tomorrow, and I’m very excited to go, as this is going to be my first anime convention outside of Brazil. If anyone else is going on Sunday, you can contact me on Twitter and we can meet there. My username there is @geek_astronaut.

Drinks and Waffles in Toronto

Another couple of days where I enjoyed some good food and walked around Toronto with my wife.

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Walking and Eating Out in Toronto

This weekend the weather got warmer and sunnier, so I went out with my wife, walked a lot, and of course, had some coffee.

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Friday in Korea Town (Toronto)

This afternoon, we decided to go out and have coffee in Korea Town. We went to Rustle & Still, a beautiful and charming coffee house owned by a Vietnamese guy.

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Night Out: Pizza and a Bookshop

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my wife and we decided to have pizza at Victory Cafe. As I mentioned before, I recently moved to Canada (Toronto) and I didn’t have tried any pizza here yet.

They have many beer options here. Cheers!

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