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Les Revenants OST #MusicMonday

Les Revenants – Opening

Les Revenants is a really cool French drama/supernatural series, and as a bonus, it has an amazing soundtrack. You can check more info about the show here.

Outlander (STARZ) Openings #MusicMonday

The new season of Outlander (STARZ) premiered yesterday, and being one of my favorite shows, with a PERFECT OST, I couldn’t help but share all the four seasons’ openings. I love how they adapt the theme song each season to fit where they are and how things are going.

Let’s start with the newest opening from season 4

And now, let’s go from season 1 to 3 and remember all these amazing versions.

SiWon – Only you (She Was Pretty OST) #MusicMonday

SiWon – Only you (She Was Pretty OST)

Music Monday: Tooth And Tail OST

For today’s Music Monday, I have selected the Tooth and Tail OST. This is the game I’ve been playing lately, after purchasing a Dualshock 4 controller to use on my computer. The music is awesome, so click play and have fun.

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