Sorry for not updating a lot here recently, but I was quite busy as my classes were about to start. And of course, I guess I may end up busier now that classes started.

I’m starting a Graduate Certificate (Market Research & Analytics) at Centennial College here in Toronto, and it’s 2 semesters long, so at the end of the year I’ll be graduating, hopefully.

Going to and coming back from college, I watched an episode of The Ministry of Time, a fun Spanish time travel show available on Netflix.

On Mondays I have only one class, and the teacher seems very good. How tomorrow’s classes are great too.

One thing that surprised me: the coffee shops there were closed before 3pm. WHAT??? I didn’t try going to the restaurant/cafeteria, but c’mon.

Relaxing drinking a Copperhead and watching anime

Well, that’s it for today!