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Giving up on Coffee (and Caffeine) for Some Days

Roughly a month ago my stomach was not on its best. Having a mild case of gastritis, and the occasional acid sensation on my stomach, I decided to cut it (along with spicy food) for a few days. In the end, I was able to go 72 hours before giving up and having a cup of coffee. To be fair, it was Saturday afternoon and I was barely functioning.

Yeah, I was needing it
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A good Sunday to everyone

Photo: Aroma Espresso Bar (Toronto)

Walking and Eating Out in Toronto

This weekend the weather got warmer and sunnier, so I went out with my wife, walked a lot, and of course, had some coffee.

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Friday in Korea Town (Toronto)

This afternoon, we decided to go out and have coffee in Korea Town. We went to Rustle & Still, a beautiful and charming coffee house owned by a Vietnamese guy.

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