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Anime Top Posts And News (Week 13, 2019)

Top Fanart Posts

[Fanart] Steins;Gate 0 – Mayuri from r/anime

[fanart][oc] I drew Akko from Little Witch Academia!
[fanart][oc] I drew Akko from Little Witch Academia! (source)

Yuri, Kei, and Mughi from Dirty Pair from r/anime

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Anime Top Posts And News (Week 12, 2019)

Top Fanart Posts

Weekly illustrations for each episode of Wataten by Nanatsu Mukunoki (the author of the manga) from r/anime

Symphogear Wallpapers! from r/anime

Help me with my Anime ABCs? from r/anime

Kaori Miyazono Photo-Edits By Me (Your Lie in April) from r/anime

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Anime Top Posts And News (Week 11, 2019)

Top Fanart Posts

Other Mangakas draw Naruto from r/anime

Realistic Vento Aureo Jojo characters by sigizaki-ryuuha from r/anime

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Anime Top Posts And News (Week 10, 2019)

Top Fanart Posts

[Bloom Into You] 16 new and nice artworks by Nyamo from r/anime

Realistic Vento Aureo Jojo characters by sigizaki-ryuuha from r/anime

[Fanart][Yakusoku No Nerverland] Gave me a good abs workout from r/anime

Contemporary Anime in 90’s style by artist Rezdoodles from r/anime

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Anime Top Posts And News (Week 09, 2019)

Top Fanart Posts

Chuuni Mya-nee from Wataten from r/anime

Tekketsu no Wallpapers – A collection of vector art I made for the Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans rewatch from r/anime

Naruto as the QB – Japanese – English Puns from r/anime

[Fanart] Can’t wait for the Kengan Asura anime to come out! (Koga, Kengan Omega) [3840×2160] from r/anime

[Fanart]An awesome friend/coworker loves drawing DBZ characters. A million years ago I asked him to draw The Absolute Mad Man. He gave me this for Christmas! from r/anime

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Anime Top Posts And News (Week 07, 2019)

Top Fanart Posts

[Fanart] My post got removed last time for not having the correct title so I’m trying again: I drew Saber from Fate/Stay Night with her Invisible Air! from r/anime

Tokyo Ghoul – Eto Wallpaper – 1920×1080 from r/anime

Top News Posts

If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Gets TV Anime Adaptation from r/anime

Winners of the 2019 Crunchyroll Anime Awards from r/anime

The “DanMachi” S2 TV anime will air Summer 2019 from r/anime

“Attack on Titan” S3 2nd-cour anime will have its broadcast premiere April 28th from r/anime

Steam removing the Video section of the Steam Store menu. Non-gaming videos (including anime) will be retired and will no longer be available for purchase. from r/anime

Top Discussion Posts

The Reason Japanese Voice Acting and Dialogue sounds so Natural in Comparison to English Dubs from r/anime

Introducing anime to parents by going into Food Wars blind to watch with them thinking its just a cooking show is a bad idea from r/anime

Explain an anime with just one sentence. from r/anime

What’s your 11/10 anime? from r/anime

Does Japanese Audio just sound that much better to us, because we are not as attuned to the language (ie fluent) and thus do not hear when there is bad acting? from r/anime

Top Clip Posts

[Danshi Koukousei] Why do we need rules when fighting? from r/anime

The timeless “Bike Scene” from Zankyou no Terror [2014] from r/anime

[Clip] When you think promoter = pro motorist (Miss Monochrome the Animation) from r/anime

One of the best laughs in anime for me (SSSS.Gridman) from r/anime

GioGio and Mista bonding in JJBA Golden Wind (with Kaguya-sama OP :3) from r/anime

Top Video Posts

Chika Fujiwara Sounds [Kaguya-sama] from r/anime

Alternate “Toradora!” ending. Heavy spoilers! (It took me 5 days for such a small change. Animation, drawing, composition, audio-editing and all that stuff, by yours truly. IMO, it’s this kind of ending every fan wanted. Not sure if it’s considered OC however.) from r/anime

Crunchyroll just posted all BLEACH openings in an HD compilation from r/anime

Maquia: The Anime Film that Awards Forgot from r/anime

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Episode 8 Preview from r/anime

Top Question Posts

Which anime is better than the manga? from r/anime

Ever watched an anime and the characters felt like part of your life? from r/anime

Really liked this AMV that I came across, anyone know it’s source? from r/anime

Why are so many authors anonymous? from r/anime

Which anime was slept on? from r/anime

Top WT! Posts

[WT!] Cossette No Shouzou from r/anime

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