These last weeks one of my roommates is watching Game of Thrones and listening to podcasts about it. In the end, I see some scenes, and can’t help but wonder if I should start watching it again.

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Sad because I don’t know what to do

But then I think that, as I’ve only watched the first season, there are quite a handful of episodes to catch up before the next season starts airing. I would have to watch 3 episodes per week to catch up. That’s a lot!

Not that it’s not feasible, but doing that would limit my reading, blogging and anime time. That means the only thing I would do, mostly, would be Game of Thrones.

So I decided that no, I’m not going to try to catch up before next season. That doesn’t mean I’ll not watch it ever, only that I’ll not try to watch season 8 along with everyone else. But to be honest, with my watchlist growing steady, I really don’t know if I’m ever going to.

Let me tell you a “secret”: I didn’t finish Breaking Bad yet. For a few years, I have the last 4 episodes to watch.

He’s disappointed. Me too

So, I’m not the most reliable person when it comes to watching (or read) shows on my watchlist.

I don’t know if I should regret not trying to catch up earlier, but I guess I kept waiting for my wife for too long. We watched the first 9 or 10 episodes, I think, but we stopped and never came back. I thought about continuing to watch it, but it the end, I kept waiting for her to want to watch more, and it never happened.

But someday I’ll try again, without worrying about catching up. Just for the sake of watching it. After I watch the second season of Westworld 🙂

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Cheers to great TV shows on my list