Recently Netflix released its new original series: Lost in Space. It’s based on a show that aired in the 60s, about a family that… well… is lost in space. I’ve watched the movie with my parents some years ago, as I was curious after they told me about the original show, and I really enjoyed it. And now, we have a brand new series, a reboot, that has updated visuals, characters and spaceships.

I had a good time watching this show. The visuals are stunning, the storytelling is good, and each episode gets me more and more hooked and curious about what’s going to happen to the Robinson family.

Some characters you love, others you absolutely hate, and others you get into that love-and-hate relationship, because nothing is really in black and white, right? The show does a great job at showing  and developing the different characters, without playing favorites, and everyone has their time to shine (or screw up).

At times, it can be a little slow-paced for some people (not for me), but it does pay off. I can strongly recommend this show, and I’m very excited for a second season!