This time I’m here to talk about Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi). It’s a manga about cooking monsters in a dungeon! It had to be at least original, right?

I got the first four volumes at the Toronto Public Library and devoured them. So far, the story and characters were very entertaining and got me totally hooked, enough to keep me interested and eager for more.

Delicious in Dungeon - Slime Anatomy

I really like how they talk about the cooking methods like in Shokugeki No Soma and also about the nutritional values of the monsters, and how they are important for a balanced diet underground.


The characters’ reactions are great and the art fits the manga perfectly. The elf wizard has the best reactions ever, and the swordsman and the dwarf warrior are so fixed on eating monsters that I can’t help but laugh at then. The situations they get into are always a bit crazy, and the solutions they find are… sometimes unusual.

Delicious in Dungeon - Frog Costumes

Some nice frog costumes (made of, frogs)

After finishing volume 1 I was worried that the story might get repetitive after a while, but I ended up reading up to volume 4 in a short while and I’m glad the it just keeps getting better. Now I just have to wait for volume 5.

You can buy it on Amazon, in print and for Kindle.

Delicious In Dungeon - Senshi Approves

Senshi approves this title!