Yesterday I went out to dinner with my wife and we decided to have pizza at Victory Cafe. As I mentioned before, I recently moved to Canada (Toronto) and I didn’t have tried any pizza here yet.

They have many beer options here. Cheers!


So far I didn’t see any Brazilian saying that they like pizza here, and what can I say? Well… I liked it, the toppings were GREAT, although the dough is very soft and reminds me of sprinkle/tapioca flour, instead of being a bit more crunchy and tasty like in Brazil. But in the end I liked it a lot. Also, they have their own beer, and I had the Drunken Goat Amber 🙂

After that, we stopped at BMV Books to have a look and I was impressed. It’s huge (3 floors) and they are very organized and have a great selection.

Below is my Instagram post with some pictures 🙂