I always try to have some sort of weekly updates here, be it in general or posts like Friday Reads, but I always fail. Anyway, I’m trying again!

Let’s get started!

I started watching Babylon Berlin on Netflix and ITS SO GOOD! I already watched 8 episodes, even though I don’t have so much free time. I posted a song from it this Monday.

I also continue watching this season’s anime: My Hero Academia, Overlord, Grand Blue and Harukana Receive. For now, I’ve stopped Yuru Camp while I still have Babylon Berlin episodes left.


With my wife I watched Castlevania. It’s only 4 episodes long and totally worth it. But it’s just the beginning of the story, almost like a prequel. Excited for the next season!

Also started watching Sense8 again, as we still have to finish the second season.

As for reading, I didn’t read much. I’m still reading Skullduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer and Toradora.