Finally I’ve bought new earphones. After many years using stock earphones that come with my smartphones (Lumia 920 and Zenfone 3), I’ve decided to get a pair of Bluetooth earphones.

It took some time for me to decide, because I didn’t know what I really wanted and how much I wanted to spend. But in the end, I decided to buy a cheaper pair, and then in the future I’ll buy something better. Or not.

Initially I wanted some noise cancelling headphones, but they are expensive, usually bass focused (I don’t like it), and also I use glasses, and have some problem with my ear-jaw articulation, so headphones aren’t that comfortable.

I decided to buy the Anker Soundbuds Flow. The isolation is good enough, as it comes with 5 different sizes of plugs, and the sound is more neutral than most of the other earphones. It has a good bass, but it’s not that much enhanced as in other options.

So far I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s very convenient to use during my 1:30 hour long commute to college, and when I’m working at the computer. And it doesn’t have a noticeable lag when watching videos, as I was able to watch anime on my phone without getting annoyed by the delay.

PS: I lost them at Anime North last Sunday. So don’t trust the magnets that much, especially if you’re using a backpack and are in a crowded convention.