Today is my birthday, hooray! I’m turning 31 today, and this is my first birthday here in Canada.

For those who don’t know, I came to Toronto earlier this year, from Brazil. These months here are being great, and I’m happy to have moved here. I hope that I can get a good job after graduating, and of course, make some new friends who enjoy anime and board games.

It’s strange. Sometimes I feel old, and sometimes I feel younger than my age and forget that I should be a responsible adult by now. Ok, technically I’m, but I mean that this is not how I imagined I was going to be on my 30s. But I guess I’m better than I imagined in some points: still watching some anime, having online friends, and things like that.

For today, this is all I have to say here, because despite being my birthday today, I still have a lot of college assignments to do *sigh*