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Kakegurui: First Impressions And Dropping It

When this show started airing, it didn’t catch my attention and I though it would be too random and forced for my tastes. And up to some point, seems that I was right.

Browsing Netflix’s catalog, looking for something to download and watch on my commute to college, I decided to give it a chance, since there was a lot of buzz about it online back when it aired. The first episode was ok, if not too fun or exciting, at least it was interesting and presented us with the show’s premise.
But the second episode episode goes on without giving us new things. I mean, of course, the main character explains how things work there and everything, but in the end, it only showed that the gambling goes deeper in the m this school, and how there’s a lot of cheating and everything.

Also, everything seems too exaggerated and forced for my taste, and I know that I watch Shokugeki no Souma, but Kakegurui takes it to a whole new level, maybe taking it too far to be believe and making me uncomfortable (Betting nails?).

But I see how some people might like this show a lot. Maybe it’s just not for me. I’ll be putting it on hold for now, but it’ll still be downloaded on my phone for a while, just in case I decided to give it another chance.


  1. I was gonna drop it but I watched it all anyway! Iā€™m not sure about it in the end. šŸ˜‚

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