Roughly a month ago my stomach was not on its best. Having a mild case of gastritis, and the occasional acid sensation on my stomach, I decided to cut it (along with spicy food) for a few days. In the end, I was able to go 72 hours before giving up and having a cup of coffee. To be fair, it was Saturday afternoon and I was barely functioning.

Yeah, I was needing it

But forward to now: I’m stressed. REALLY BAD. And of course, this doesn’t help me with my gastritis at all. On top of that, drinking coffee regularly makes you resistant to caffeine.

So I decided to cut it again for a few days. It’s going to be tough, especially considering that I have college assignments, the blog, and other stuff I want to attend to. But I’ll try to fight the urge and hold back, at least until Friday. And then, I’ll have one when arriving at class and that’s it. Good for the day.

anime pouring coffee cute
The smell of fresh poured coffee!

To help me improve on everything and keep the caffeine down, I bought two caffeine-free teas. One is a chamomile tea to help me get calm and sleep better at night. The other is ginger and lemon, to drink at morning and make my stomach feel better.

To finish, I’ll link an interesting article about caffeine and you to better use it in your favor. Click HERE to see it!

anime smell coffee
Can’t wait for my next cup already