Recently I bought a DualShock 4 controller to use on my computer, so both me and my wife could play something occasionally. I still have a lot of unplayed games on my steam library, but of course, I wanted to play something newer, so I bought Tooth & Tail, which was on sale on Steam. And it was a damn good decision.

This is a RTS time of game, but it’s not your regular Age of Empires type of game. Instead of building hundreds of units and then controlling them separately, here you still build units, but this is more automatic. And after that, you just control one character, and give instructions: attack or hold. And that’s it.

This simpler form of doing the combats allows the gamer to focus more on fewer battlefronts, and the pacing is not as frantic as in Age of Empires, but still hard enough for the game to be challenging. It’s great playing it on controller!

I also loved the thee of the game: animals fighting for domination and food. I always had a ‘crush’ on stories and games with anthropomorphized¬† characters, and the art, music and dubbing are superb.

See it on Steam