This afternoon, we decided to go out and have coffee in Korea Town. We went to Rustle & Still, a beautiful and charming coffee house owned by a Vietnamese guy.

We had a cappuccino, iced latte, and a Lemongrass Chicken Sandwich. Although my wife found it too spicy, I really liked it, and I think she had some bad luck, and got a bite that had more spice than the rest of it. The cappuccino was great, and the iced latte was refreshing and beautiful.

The only downside is that the place is small, and most of the tables were occupied by people working on their laptops without drinking anything. Even people alone in some bigger tables (for 4 people), who were there before we arrived, and were still there after we left. We almost couldn’t eat there because of that…That was a big bummer.

Then we went to stationery and geeky stores, and had ice cream at Put A Cone On It.

After seeing more stores, buying pencils and notepads, we ado browsed a Korean market, but we didn’t buy anything.

They have Tayaki there.

Then we decided to get dinner, because of course, after walking a couple blocks away from the ice cream shop, we had to recharge.

The White Brick Kitchen

You can see more pics here on Imgur.