A few years ago I decided to start The Americans on Netflix. Today, after taking way too long to watch the 6th and final season, I have finally managed to finish it. And I must say: it was worth every minute and I’m both sad and happy that it ended.

As soon as I started watching it I got hooked. The setting, the espionage, the action, and the drama, this show has everything I could want. Also, spy dramas are rare nowadays, and an outstanding show like this is a treasure.

The sixth and final season was a great end to an amazing journey. I would prefer some things happened in a different way, but the finale was great the way it was. And it helped that during the 4th season they decided to go only for two more. That way they had two seasons to wrap things up and develop the characters a bit more.

You may think I’m giving it too much hype, but I swear I’m not. For me, it’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I already wrote about the show on another post, so you may check it here: