Final Space arrived on Netflix a few weeks ago, and a lot of people are crazy about it, myself included.

An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embark on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist.

The show have a cool selection of characters, from the totally crazy Gary to the cute and lovely, although powerful, Mooncake. KVN and Hue, the robot and AI pair are responsible for many good laughs, and Avocato, Little Cato and Quinn are responsible for giving us the action we need.

Final Space - Mooncake

It’s great to have a fun sci-fi cartoon to watch, and it helps that it’s not so long. That way, people with less available time can enjoy it, and it would also be easier for people to try it, as it is not a huge commitment. So do yourself a favor and go watch Final Space on Netflix. It’ll be worth your time, I promise.

You can watch it on Netflix, and check for more info on IMDB, Wikipedia and

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