This Saturday Ducktales came back to TV with its second season. The first episode was The Most Dangerous Gameā€¦ Night!, and it was a great start to a new season.

scrooge game night reaction
Did you mean… GAME NIGHT?

As a kid, I always loved Ducktales, and also Disney comics in general. It was always a good source of humor and adventure. That’s why I was overly excited about the reboot when it was announced. And the first season was AWESOME! Unfortunately, I didn’t talk about it here, but I guess this season you are going to hear from me.

A game night is anything but relaxing as the family faces shrink rays, a barbaric civilization and an unhealthy level of competitiveness.

This is an episode recap, so light spoilers ahead

This episode starts at the end of an adventure, and then Louie decides that they had too much, and need to stay at the mansion to have a break. He suggests a game night, and Scrooge McDuck gets way too excited for it.

Of course, the universe has other plans for them and, while the rest of the crew have a rough night competing with Scrooge and Donald in the game night, Louie and Huey try their hardest to keep adventure away from them.

The episode was different than what I would expect for a new season. Instead of going full-on on a big new adventure, they used the episode to focus on the characters, mainly Louie, who was a little left behind on the last season. Also, this episode served to show us how much adventure they were having, and how someone who thinks they lack something and feel left behind would try to avoid it.

If you apply that gift, you might be a bigger billionaire than I am one day.

Scrooge mcduck

But in the end, Louie learned how valuable he is for the adventuring group, and that even Scrooge admires him for his “sharpies”.

Scrooge: Do you know how I made my fortune?
Louie: Yes. By being tougher than the toughies
and smarter than the smarties.
Scrooge: And sharper than the sharpies.
People don’t know about that one.

You can check more info on, and the discussion on Reddit. Also, TVTropes has more info on what happened during the episode if you want a recap