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New Theme On Blog: Baskerville 2

I started using a new theme here on this blog: Baskerville 2, by Anders Noren. It’s the same creator from the previous theme, Lovecraft. I don’t know if this is going to be the final theme for the blog, but for now I’m more happy with it (although I also liked Wilson, also by the same author).

You can check the theme HERE, and also Wilson and Lovecraft. Other themes are available on the author’s website.


A good Sunday to everyone

Photo: Aroma Espresso Bar (Toronto)

Light Novel Releases: June 17 Week

This is a slow week for light novel releases: no new series, and only 3 releases from ongoing series.

Ongoing Series

Infinite Stratos

Volume: 2
Release date: June 18
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Izuru Yumizuru

“I’m Charles Dunois. I come from France,” “Bodewig. Laura Bodewig.” The girl-packed IS academy has two new exchange students: the handsome boy Charles and the German girl Laura. Dashing young Charles, a representative of France, is the second male IS pilot after Ichika, and the girls are already head over heels. Meanwhile, platinum blonde Laura’s lithe frame belies a contempt for Ichika that strays into physical violence. What caused her grudge against Ichika? What secrets are hidden by Charles’s nonchalant élan? The IS are rearmed and ready for action!

Purchase: Amazon

Clockwork Planet

Volume: 2
Release date: June 19
Publisher: Seven Seas
Author: [‘Yuu Kamiya’, ‘Tsubaki Himana’]


Three weeks after the attempted purge of Kyoto Grid, Marie receives a mysterious transmission. She heads to Mie Grid to investigate with Halter, Naoto and RyuZU, but what they find is something–or someone–none of them could ever have anticipated! The thrilling second volume of the gearhead fantasy set in motion by Yuu Kamiya x Tsubaki Himana x Sino.

Purchase: Amazon

Outbreak Company

Volume: 4
Release date: June 22
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Author: Ichiro Sakaki


A passage to another world has been discovered in the “Sea of Trees” near Mount Fuji. That other world is the Holy Eldant Empire, and it’s a full-on fantasy universe, with dragons flying through the sky and everything! The Japanese government, eager to profit from this discovery, secretly sets up a company called Amutech to promote trade by bringing otaku culture to the benighted inhabitants of this land. But wouldn’t you know it, their secret got out! Or anyway, it’s about to. And that’s bad, right?

Amutech general manager, former home security guard, and thoroughbred otaku Kanou Shinichi has a solution, and it’s so otaku it hurts: he wants to hold a magical cosplay contest and photo shoot. And in the process, he may be surprised at what he learns about the hidden talents—and the hidden past—of his personal bodyguard, Minori.

Shinichi is in for more than he bargained for (again!) in Volume 4 of Outbreak Company!

Purchase: Amazon

I Don’t Like Trailers

I don’t know if the problem is me, growing old and grumpy, or trailers nowadays are really too long and spoiler-filled as I think.

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Figure Skating and KPOP

The Winter Olympics is happening right now, and for me this is great because I love figure skating, although I don’t watch it often. This week I watched this amazing performance by You Young to a medley: Hello (Martin Solveig, Martina Sorbara) / I Am the Best (2NE1).

Hello, world!

After using Hugo for a while, I decided to stop using a programmer solution to blogging, and to simplify things. That’s why I’m here on WordPress now 🙂

I may be importing a few posts during the next few weeks, but I want to mostly post new content here, and I hope you enjoy.

Also, I don’t know if I’ll keep this name for the blog, but I’m not good at coming up with names for anything.

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