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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion trailer

I’m SO excited for this. And the best is that we will also get a second season (Sword Oratoria is a spin-off). I had so much fun with the first season, and was even wondering about reading the light novels. But I’ll stick to the animated version I guess.

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things: Fall 2018 Anime

Cute girls doing cute things seems to be running strong, and the 2018 Fall Season is not going to be different. If I forgot anything, let me know in the comment section.

Akanesasu Shoujo
Looking forward to cute girls in action
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Suzuka Nagami is a beautiful third-year middle school student who has excellent grades and is the student council president. She wrote a novel about a little sister who dotes on her older brother, and the the novel wins a light novel award. After they discuss the matter, Yuu is the one who debuts as a proxy light novel author instead of Suzuka, under the pen name Chikai Towano.

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AniList For Anime Tracking: Follow Me There!

Anilist may not be so popular and well known as MyAnimeList (MAL), which every anime lover already knows about. MAL is THE site when it comes to find information about anime, manga and light novels. But since it went down for some days and returned lacking a lot of features, many users changed to AniList, Kitsu or some other option.

Browsing titles on
Browsing titles on
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Summer 2018 Anime: Midseason review

So we are past the middle of Summer 2018 Anime Season, and it’s time to talk a bit about what I’m thinking about it so far.

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First Impressions: Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

This anime was not originally on my watchlist, but in the end I decided to give it a chance.


The “dramatic extreme going to school comedy” manga follows the titular female high school student Chio Miyamo, and her adventures to commute to school every day. Chio runs in to problems both big and small, such as construction, a biker gang, a sudden urge to use the bathroom, and more.

The premise is very simple: Chio is a student who always has many obstacles when trying to get to school in time. It’s not much, really, but I guess for a comedy anime might be enough, or not.

At the first episode, we see two different occasions where Chio is having trouble trying to get to class in time, and how she reacts and what she does to try and arrive in time. So far both the situations and her reactions and plans were funny and made up for a good episode, although not comedy gold.

The animation, art style and voice are also good and fit the style of the anime very well.

While I had fun during the first episode, I’m still not sure if the title will be able to step up its comedy, and I fear that the novelty might wear off halfway through the season. But only time will tell. I had fun, but this title is not going to be a priority on my watchlist, and I suspect it’ll end up on my on hold list after a couple more episodes.

You can check for more information about it on Anilist. You can also follow me there!

First Impressions: Harukana Receive

Ok, you know why I’m watching this. You know why you are watching this. Beautiful girls playing beach volleyball and having fun.

The first that I can say about this title is that it looks damn beautiful. The art and animation are awesome and the character designs great, but it’s only fair as it’s an ecchi anime of cute girls playing beach volleyball, right?

But yes, there’s a story going on, rivalry, new friendships possibly, and plenty of character development that may happen. With the MCs cousin not playing anymore and the MC getting involved with a way better duo that seems to have story with her cousin, I think there’ll be enough to keep us interested and to have good episodes where development actually happens.

I didn’t watch Haikyu, mainly for two reasons: it’s already too long to start now, and it’s about boys. But Harukana Receive comes to fill this space with a cute girls version of it.

There’s no hiding in what made me want to watch this anime, but after watching the first episode, I’m happy to think that it’ll be more that an ecchi cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime.

You can check for more information about it on Anilist. You can also follow me there!

Spring 2018 Anime Wrap-Up

The Sprint 2018 anime season had some interesting titles, but with my college program starting, I couldn’t watch as many as I would like. In the end, I settled for one new title, and two continuations.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale OnlineĀ (MyAnimeList)

I didn’t watch the original SAO, but when this was announced it got my attention. I had fun watching it, and I recommend it if you have spare time. Now that I finished it, I think it’s entertaining and interesting, but nothing special.

Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Toutsuki Ressha-hen (MAL)

Although at the beginning I though this story arc was a little too over the top, I still enjoyed watching it a lot. In the end, it was kind of more-of-the-same, but we learned a bit more about the characters backgrounds, and we saw some development too. And of course, the battles are still fun to watch. It’s only a shame that the season ended without finishing the story arc.

Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season (MAL)

This is one of my favorite recent anime, and I doubt there’s any anime fan that doesn’t know about it. I’ve seen many different opinions on this season, but I really had fun watching it and on my opinion it was a good season overall. Maybe not as great as the previous ones, but the story and the character development that we had along the season, and the last few episodes were SO GOOD that compensated it’s faults, at least for me.

Do you agree/disagree with my opinions or have any recommendation from this season? Leave a comment, I’ll appreciate!

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