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Occultic;Nine Vol 2 #FridayReads

Last month I read the first volume of Occultic;Nine (by Chiyomaru Shikura and pako). I had way more fun with it than I imagined, and it left me eager for more. In the end, last week I bought volumes 2 and 3.

I started it the day before yesterday and I’m at 40%. The writing seems to have improved, and now the book has a more serious tone, and the main character is not so much focused on boobs anymore. Which is a huge improvement for me.

Synopsis (Vol. 1): Yuta Gamon, a young boy who lives in Kichijoji, runs an occult blog called “Kirikiri Basara.” He spends his days dreaming of making a fortune off his affiliate links. What starts off as a tiny feeling that something’s wrong develops into a case that goes beyond imagining. Suddenly, Yuta brings together the fates of nine strangers. (Check on Amazon)

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation #WaitingOnWednesday

This weekend I did the pre-order for the first volume of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, the light novel. I have been interested in this series since forever, but the sheer number of volumes, along with the fact that it was a fan-translation, made me never start it.

I did start reading the manga when I was back in Brazil, but for some reason I stopped. Now that we are getting an official English release and that I’m a bit more hooked on light novels, I decided to pre-order it for my Kindle.

The release dates are: April 4 for the digital release and May 21 for the print version.

Les Revenants OST #MusicMonday

Les Revenants – Opening

Les Revenants is a really cool French drama/supernatural series, and as a bonus, it has an amazing soundtrack. You can check more info about the show here.

I’m back again (?) #WeeklyUpdates (2)

So this is a Weekly Updates post. With only 2 mote weeks for the semester (and my college program) to end, I’m very busy with assignments. Also, I’ve started doing some alcohol tastings/samplings at the LCBO (government liquor store). But I still managed to read and watch some stuff.


At the beginning of the week I finished watching Netflix’s Daredevil season 3, and it was TOTALLY AWESOME. I’m very gad I decided to watch it, as I was totally hooked up. Unfortunately, yesterday they announced that a 4th season won’t be happening =/

Today, I finished Violet Evergarden, after a couple months postponing the last 2 episodes. And I also loved it. So beautiful, emotional and touching. It’s not something I say about any anime. I still have to watch the special, and I’ll probably do it tomorrow night.


I have caught up with We Never Learn, and it’s getting way better than I though. There’s more character development going on, and it’s not only random comedy sketches anymore. Way to go. I hope the anime adaptation that is coming is good!

Also, I have started reading the 5th book on the Keeper of the Lost Cities series: Lodestar. So far it’s being a lot of fun, and I really wish that this series were more popular. It’s a middle-grade fantasy and adventure series with elves, goblins, and many more.

Also, I bought three new light novels on the J-Novel Club sale (eBook versions), all volume 1. Amagi Brilliant Park, Kokoro Connect and Occultic;Nine. And I already read Amagi, and started reading Occultic;Nine last night. I’ll talk about them later, on another post. But so far, it’s interesting to read Yuta’s thoughts on his blog 🙂

“You know what an affiliate blog is, right? There’s no better profession out there for my NEET friends. Basically, the more popular your blog, the more hits you get. And the more people who click on your affiliate links, and the more money you earn.”

Yuta Gamon (Occultic;Nine vol. 1)

And that’s it for now. Below, I’m following Yuta’s teachings on affiliate links, and added Amazon links to all the books I have listed here.

Kokoro Connect Volume 1: Hito Random
Lodestar (Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 5)  by Shannon Messenger
Amagi Brilliant Park: Volume 1
Occultic;Nine: Volume 1
by Chiyomaru Shikura (Author), pako (Illustrator)

Artemis Fowl Movie Coming! #WaitingOnWednesday

I didn’t know an Artemis Fowl movie was coming, and I’m very happy about that. It’s actually a book series that I already wondered if it was never going to get a cinematic release. I read the first 3 or 4 books years ago, and had A LOT of fun with it.

The downside is that they changed some character’s gender and color, and I wasn’t necessary. Changing a middle-eastern to a black person, or an Asian to black is not going to improve the diversity of the movie, only screw up with some plot points.

 just hope the same that happened to Percy Jackson doesn’t happen here. You can see a discussion about the upcoming movie on this Reddit thread below.

Late post, but here I am. A cool band that I discovered this weekend: The HU.

Outlander (STARZ) Openings #MusicMonday

The new season of Outlander (STARZ) premiered yesterday, and being one of my favorite shows, with a PERFECT OST, I couldn’t help but share all the four seasons’ openings. I love how they adapt the theme song each season to fit where they are and how things are going.

Let’s start with the newest opening from season 4

And now, let’s go from season 1 to 3 and remember all these amazing versions.

Fridays Reads + New Books (1)

As the weekend arrives, my reading week is over. That means next Monday I’m back at the college. This week wasn’t as productive as I hoped, but still, I managed to rest and read a little bit. I also got some new books for my Kindle.

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Weekly Updates: Reading Week Is Here

As I mentioned in my last post, I was busy with college. But today, reading week is starting, and that means I’ll get some rest. Or not.

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Who’s excited for more “Ducktales, Woo-oo!”? I sure am

Ducktales is back THIS SATURDAY!

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