Last Sunday I went to Anime North. It was my first convention here in Canada, and I’m very happy that I went there.


I arrived at 10:30 and went straight to the artists’ zone. Kind of impressed with the size of it, and the quality of the work being sold there. I wanted to buy so many things, but I don’t have much money or even space at home right now. But maybe next year.

The cosplays were great. Didn’t take a lot of pictures. In fact, I took way less than I expected, but I guess I was just overwhelmed with the con (and also I lost my debit card and new Bluetooth earphones, so I got a bit upset).

There was also the vendors market, which had SO MANY OTAKU THINGS TO BUY. A lot of figures, plushies, card games, posters, and other products you may expect.

I didn’t go to any panels, although I wanted to, I forgot about some, and others were on Friday and Saturday. Justus Stone was there on Friday talking about light novels, and I hope he’s there again next year so I can go to the panel, and also meet him.

Other cool place to go was the board and card game lobby. As I don’t have money, time, friends or even space at my room to put it, I didn’t buy anything, except for a couple boosters of anime cards. But wait for me next year.

A funny thing that surprised me is that some Christian protesters decide to go and make a fuss at the event. Of course people there just kept laughing at them and taking pictures. It was fun.

And that’s it. Below you can see the things I bought, and also the business cards I picked up. I really enjoyed my time there, despite being alone and the small problems that happened (losing things and having low blood sugar), so I’m looking forward to it next year.